Use non-modal popup notifications where appropriate #1563

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For 1.0 we dropped 3.x support, and 3.x specific code, but added very little 4.0+ specific features like this. This style of notification is unobtrusive and useful, and should be used anywhere we want that style of communication with the user.

Especially: see how regular extension installs act now; script installs should act similarly.

0rt commented Aug 27, 2012

I think this is a dupe of issue #1194. After about a years of using that api, which had implemented on Scriptish, I would say it's improve both scripts' user & author experience. ( For non-Scriptish users, I use prompt or alert, which will break user working as both are modal, especially when the script run-at a background tab... the only easy work around is to create a UI with HTML & CSS, that is not nice to simple script)


#1194 is an RFE for API for scripts to use. This is for how Greasemonkey itself should act.

prompt or alert ... are modal

Not with grant none, and not at all in Firefox 16 where the issue with alert is fixed.

Edit: spelling.

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dindog commented Sep 28, 2012

Would you please attach a testcase script to show how this toaster work? I try GM_notification('hello'), it throw error...


This is STILL not an API for scripts to use, like I said above. There is no GM_notification.

dindog commented Oct 1, 2012

You mean "currently no support" or "no intention to add this API"?

arantius commented Oct 1, 2012

This issue was to track changes to Greasemonkey's API itself. #1194 is the (open) request to add an API that user scripts can access. This issue is not that issue. That's what it means.

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