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"Check for updates" has stopped working properly with 1.3 installed #1646

mjh563 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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With 1.1 installed:

Selecting "Check for updates" from the button menu in the Add-ons Manager shows "Updating add-ons", and a few seconds later shows "No updates found".

With 1.3 installed (and no other changes):

It remains showing "Updating add-ons" forever, and never completes.

I've switched between 1.1 and 1.3 several times to check, and can reliably reproduce it. It always works with 1.1 installed but fails to complete with 1.3.


Cannot reproduce. For me, after just a moment, it says "no updates found". Does this happen in an otherwise empty profile? ( ). If not, this is probably related to a particular script. Install the ones you normally have into that empty profile one by one, to see which is doing it.

@arantius arantius referenced this issue from a commit in arantius/greasemonkey
@arantius arantius Fix script auto-updating.
The goal is to act just like Firefox acts for any other Add-on.  Using the same preferences it already defines.
This is done by removing all custom "check for updates" code (which previously supported Firefox 3), relying instead on the AddonManager interface.

Refs #1646 (probable fix)
Fixes #1647

I can reproduce this as follows. Also, the script seems to auto-update when it shouldn't:

  1. Install Greasemonkey 1.3 into a new profile
  2. Install this script:
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Open the Add-ons Manager and select "Check for updates"

Actual results:

Greasemonkey notifies me that the script has been updated (even though I just installed it). Also, the "Updating add-ons" never completes.

Expected results:

Shows "No updates found"


Confirmed, and the above mentioned change fixes it.

@arantius arantius closed this
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