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@updateURL and @downloadURL are case-sensitive #1679

m4rcelofs opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The @updateURL and @downloadURL tags on the meta block are case-sensitive, meaning it's quite easy to make a mistake - in which case the 'Find Updates' will be disabled and there's no notification about what's wrong.

The fact it's case-sensitive is also not mentioned on the documentation.

Suggested accepted values are @updateUrl and @downloadUrl.


I think no need to change this name.
Because you should be careful whether it is case sensitive when coding.
Not let other people change for you.


Documentation at never mentions that the keywords are case sensitive, and all the other keywords are lower case, only those two with URL in them have uppercase letters.

I would rather see all keyword name parsing to be case insensitive. Metadata values should be case sensitive though.


However, if you do not change strings, maybe it could do something like:

-    var header = match[1];
+    var header = match[1].toLowerCase().replace(/url$/i, "URL");

I am against having these case-insensitive. Element.innerHTML has "HTML" capitalized because it is an acronym. "URL" is an acronym too hence should be capitalized. All of the other keywords do not contain acronyms therefore should follow an all lowercase or at least camel-case formatting. The only odd metadata value I see is run-at which doesn't conform to either all lowercase or camel-case.


Isn't JavaScript case-sensitive? Why would you think GM metablock values would be case-insensitive? This is a dupe of #1097. I'm -1 on this.

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