Position of the "User Scripts" tab in the Add-ons Manager #1702

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I'd like to suggest to move the "User Scripts" tab in the Add-ons Manager
below the Plugins tab:

Τhe GM's "User Scripts" tab is something extra to the Firefox interface,
so I think it's better to appear below the default ones.


Any other opinions?

That wasn't an accidental change; it's intentionally next to Extensions because User Scripts are essentially extensions.


I also prefer to see it below "Plugins" as those are from FF itself. Actually, from FF 18 it should then be below "Dictionaries".


I prefer below "Plugins" too.

And Stylish also place below "Plugins" with label "User Styles". Greasemonkey Place next to it look better.

@arantius arantius closed this May 23, 2013
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