Feature Request: active script counter on the toolbar button #1705

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I'd like to make this suggestion:
add a counter (on the GM toolbar icon) for the active scripts on the current page
similar to that of Scriptish/Tampermonkey.


Anyone else have an opinon? I personally would consider it a giant distraction, so I'm -1


IMHO, one more reason why having a counter is more practical
is because currently, GM's toolbar icon doesn't change when scripts are active for the current page
(while eg.in Stylish the toolbar icon changes color from white to colored when styles are active)
therefore you can't tell if any scripts are active or not, unless you click on the GM toolbar dropdown button.


I don't know about everyone else, but I have (multiple) @include * scripts. This information wouldn't be helpful to me; there's always some script running.

Why is knowing whether "scripts are active or not" so important that it always has to be displayed all the time?


Exactly because not all userscripts are globally active,
but instead, some will execute in more URLs (many @include ), or even globally
while some other scripts in only a few URLs,
I find it useful to know that, eg.
in url x, there are 5 scripts active
while in url y, there is only 1
and in url z there is none.

I understand that for some it might not seem important to show a counter,
as they prefer the minimal UI or simply don't care for that,
but, for others, I think it's better GM to offer them a counter as an option.


I would also find this distracting but wouldn't be against an option for it

Same here.

minimal UI is better

May be add it as a tooltip when hover on GM icon to make it less distracting.

@arantius arantius closed this Feb 28, 2013
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