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Something like this:

// @minFxVersion 21

For example: my script relies heavily on the new Flexbox implementation that's available in Firefox 21+, so in this case I'd want Greasemonkey to prevent the install if the user's Firefox version is 20 or lower. And in the future if I'd want to increase the minimum required version GM would notify the user why the script cannot be updated.

That'd save me a lot of time doing tech support.

Chrome's extension manifest has minimum_chrome_version.


Seems pretty easy to:

if (something with navigator.userAgent){ 
} else {



Not when users change their user agent.


Also I wouldn't want my script to update to an incompatible version, since Firefox is not fast enough in auto-updating in some cases.


That makes a lot of sense.


Maybe add a minimum GM version requirement too, could get handy.


I released an update for my userscript which assumes users are on GM 1.10+ (we're on 1.11 now) and Firefox 22+ (we're on 23 now),
and I am receiving bug reports because some people are still on GM <1.10, or Firefox <22.
The reason one of my user was still on Firefox 21 was because of an add on not supporting Firefox 22+.

Forcing incompatible updates is a real problem, would it be possible to get these new metadatas soon?

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