Enable manual update on modified userscripts #1743

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Sure, prevent it to be automatically updated if you want, but let me manually update it via the context menu!



arantius commented May 20, 2013

When you right click on one script? When you wrench-drop-down>check for updates? Both? Something else?

When you right click on one script?

This one. At least.
I assume users that modify specific scripts don't want their edits to be overwritten when doing batch updates.


sizzlemctwizzle commented Jul 8, 2013

Only individually via the script context menu.


arantius commented Jul 9, 2013

I've looked into this a bit now. Unfortunately, whether you use the wrench to 'Check for Updates' to everything, or the context menu, it's the Add-ons Manager issuing the exact same call, so we can't tell them apart. It passes in the update listener, and that object seems to be defined in a private scope.

So "just via the context menu" might be hard. Re-implementing those internal firefox bits seems fragile, so probably not a feasible path.

If it's a Firefox limitation then it might be worth opening a issue on their bugzilla?

dequis commented Jul 14, 2013

Can't you just add another option to the context menu that says "force update" for locally modified scripts?


arantius commented Jul 14, 2013

Of course. That seems like a great idea.

@arantius arantius closed this in 2989cdf Jul 24, 2013

Darker commented Aug 28, 2017

Why was this closed? It's really something I need to quickly update my script from git.

GWuk commented Sep 22, 2017

@Darker: edit file locally (i.e. add comment), then "Forced Find Updates" is available in script's context menu

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