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Since 1999be3, the ScriptChannel hasn't been used anymore to get access to a script's content. However, it was still accessible to userscripts: If a resource was defined with a name ending in .user.js, GM_getResourceText("example.user.js") would work as expected (i.e. it would return the resource content), whereas accessing the URI returned by GM_getResourceURL("example.user.js") would return the parent script's content.

An example script showing this unexpected behavior can be found in this gist:

Thus, the special behavior of greasemonkey-script:foo.user.js URIs should be removed.

Ventero added some commits Jan 26, 2014
@Ventero Ventero Remove ScriptChannel.
Using the resource URL of a resource with a name that ends with
.user.js would lead to surprising results: GM_getResourceText
would return the actual resource content, but using the URL returned
by GM_getResourceURL would result in the parent script content being

Refs 1999be3.
@Ventero Ventero Remove FF3 specific code path. bd97749

PS: I just noticed that I've never added myself to the contributors. However, alphabetical order would mandate that I put myself above you, @arantius, which seems kind of weird to me. Any suggestions?


I think if Anthony felt a craving to be above alphabetical listing Aaron would have been bumped from the creator field a long time ago. :-) Might be weirder that a non-maintainer is listed there, if anything. :-)


Well, strictly speaking, Aaron is the (initial) creator. But then again, the MDN docs say em:creator is for "name of the creator/principal developer", so I guess you're right. :) Though there's also an em:developer field for co-developers, which currently isn't used at all. I'll let you guys decide what to do!


Add yourself to the list, with the properly spelled name, whatever contact you want etc. In alpha order like the list is. If you think it should be changed, do that separately. Thanks.


The install.rdf looks different then the about window of GM.

@Ventero Ventero closed this Jan 29, 2014
@Ventero Ventero deleted the Ventero:scriptchannel branch Jan 29, 2014

I've added a commit to my repository (Ventero@95f35af) for you to cherry-pick. Thanks!

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