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third-party Fix reference errors in GM_openInTab and remove GM_windowForTab.
addons4-overlay.js Fix arguments to showInstallDialog().
addons4-overlay.xul "New User Script" button in Add-ons->User Scripts
addons4.xul Fix the 'manage user scripts' monkey menu item.
bindings.xml Update bindings.xml
browser.js GM_openInTab: Background/position features.
browser.xul Private Browsing: The icon (enabled/disabled)
closewindow.xul Don't overwrite existing scripts on "New User Script" so easily.
config.js Clean up stray temp directories at launch.
framescript.js Define the `windowId` before using it.
install.js Merge commit '41c0f273ae7da2c169e4582363483d5184408463'
install.xul Localize string in install dialog.
menucommander.js Style clean up.
newscript.js Import extractMeta into newscript.
newscript.xul Simplify and rename the new user script template.
options.js Remove "also uninstall prefs" setting.
options.xul Allow the Options window to flex in size
scratchpad-overlay.js Scratchpad - editing a script - the position at the bottom of the file
scratchpad-overlay.xul Create scratchpad-overlay.js from script in the .xul.
scriptprefs.js Update scriptprefs.js
scriptprefs.xul Update scriptprefs.xul
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