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Welcome to the greasemonkey wiki! This is the “developers wiki”, about development of Greasemonkey itself. If you are a user looking for support using Greasemonkey, or writing Greasemonkey scripts, please take a look at:

To contribute to Greasemonkey:
Create a github fork of the code, and make whatever changes you like, in your own branch. If we also like those changes, we can easily incorporate them into the official Greasemonkey extension.
All changes should be isolated into their own branches.

Which changes will we like? If it’s a properly logged issue and tagged with a version number, then we definitely plan to do it. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to collaborate with us via the greasemonkey-dev mailing list. That’s also a very good way to introduce yourself to the community, learn how we operate, and who the core maintainers are.