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// stdafx.h : include file for standard system include files,
// or project specific include files that are used frequently, but
// are changed infrequently
#if !defined(AFX_STDAFX_H__8BAD88DE_65B0_479A_83DA_6667753D0C08__INCLUDED_)
#define AFX_STDAFX_H__8BAD88DE_65B0_479A_83DA_6667753D0C08__INCLUDED_
#if _MSC_VER > 1000
#pragma once
#endif // _MSC_VER > 1000
#define UNICODE
#include <windows.h>
// TODO: reference additional headers your program requires here
// Microsoft Visual C++ will insert additional declarations immediately before the previous line.
#endif // !defined(AFX_STDAFX_H__8BAD88DE_65B0_479A_83DA_6667753D0C08__INCLUDED_)
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