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A microservice for retrieving the localization status of a given Transifex resource.
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Ten Percent

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Ten Percent (l10n percent) is a Node.js microservice which uses the Transifex REST API to retrieve the localization status of a given Transifex resource. I made Ten Percent so that I could use a dynamic badge to display the localization status of the Pressbooks Open Source project's resources and encourage ongoing localization efforts. Hopefully others will find it useful for their projects as well.



  1. Install the Now CLI on your device and log in to your Now account.
  2. Add your Transifex API token as a secret:
$ now secrets add transifex-api-token "<TOKEN>"
  1. Deploy greatislander/tenpercent to Now. Be sure to assign the secret you created in step 2 to the TRANSIFEX_API_TOKEN environment variable:
$ now greatislander/tenpercent -e TRANSIFEX_API_TOKEN=@transifex-api-token


  1. Visit your Now deploy, supplying the query parameters for organization, project, and optionally resource (resource defaults to 0, the first resource by numeric index; if the project has multiple resources, you can select the appropriate one by supplying a different value). Verify that the resulting JSON object reflects the localization status of the desired resource (a numeric value corresponding to the percentage translated):
$ curl 'https://<SUBDOMAIN><ORGANIZATION>&project=<PROJECT>[&resource=<RESOURCE INDEX>]'
$ {"status":"10"}

If the API token is missing or invalid or if you have specified a non-existent Transifex organization, project or resource, status will provide an error message.

  1. Use the URL you determined in step 1 to generate a dynamic badge that shows the localization status of your Transifex project. You'll need to set the data type to JSON and the query to $.status.<URL>&label=translated&query=$.status.&colorB=<COLOR>&prefix=<PREFIX>&suffix=%25

This URL will produce the following badge layout with the example response in step 1:

Example Badge

Now you can add a badge to your GitHub readme which will reflect the current localization status of your project.


Responses from the Transifex REST API are cached for 24 hours to prevent excessive API calls, so you may not see the changes immediately.

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