A Bluetooth baseband decoding library
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This is the Bluetooth baseband decoding library, forked from the GR-Bluetooth project. It can be used to extract Bluetooth packet and piconet information from Ubertooth devices as well as GR-Bluetooth/USRP.

This code is incomplete, it is still under active development. Patches and bug reports should be submitted to the bug tracker on GitHub: https://github.com/greatscottgadgets/libbtbb/issues

This software has been developed and tested on Linux, it should work on other platforms but this has yet to be tested.

Build Instructions

Libbtbb can be built and installed as follows:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ sudo make install

This will install the library to /usr/local/lib and the headers to /usr/local/include, to install to different locations use:

$ cmake -DINSTALL_DIR=/path/to/install -DINCLUDE_DIR=/path/to/include ..

If you have previous versions of libbtbb, libubertooth or the Ubertooth tools installed, you can use the cleanup script to remove them:

$ sudo cmake/cleanup.sh -d

To list the installed files without removing them, use:

$ cmake/cleanup.sh