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2020-12-R1 - the Christmas release

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@mikeryan mikeryan released this 25 Dec 21:59
· 33 commits to master since this release

Ubertooth 2020-12-R1 Release Notes

The Ubertooth host utilities in this release require libbtbb-2020-12-R1
( or


Bluetooth classic sniffing and link layer - An entirely new firmware
built specifically for sniffing classic Bluetooth connections. Also contains
code to act as a basic classic Bluetooth device, including l2ping, inquiry
scanning, and page scanning. Check out ubertooth-btbr and the
corresponding firmware/btbr directory. Many thanks to @eti1 for this.

Christmas lights - Check out ubertooth-util -x for a holiday light
display that's sure to put a seasonal smile on your face.

Python 3 - A long time coming, Ubertooth and libbtbb finally support
Python 3. All aspects of this release, including the spectrum analyzer
GUI, should work on all modern distros.

Bug fixes - ubertooth-btle should no longer freeze in areas of
heavy traffic. Time discontinuities in PCAP files are no longer present.
Finally ubertooth-btle's faux slave mode now supports packets longer
than 32 bytes. Thanks to @dor-zusman for the last one.

USB API version - As with the previous release, we are using USB API
versioning to improve the experience of failures due to mismatched
firmware and host code. As of this release, the USB API has been bumped
to 1.07. If the Ubertooth tools complain that your firmware is out of
date, please update your firmware. Updating firmware is simple and
reliable, please follow the instructions on the wiki
A release archive with precompiled firmware is available from


Build instructions are available from the wiki

As always, support is available via the Ubertooth-general mailing list or IRC.
Issues can also be reported via the GitHub issue tracker and pull requests are
always welcome.