@greblus greblus released this Dec 11, 2018 · 1 commit to android since this release

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  • Rebuilt with Qt-5.9.7 (min. API 16 = Android 4.1).
  • Fixed ftdi driver bugs (works with HSINDEX 0 = 115200bps).
  • Check and request WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission on Marshmallow and newer Android versions.

@greblus greblus released this Sep 10, 2017 · 7 commits to android since this release

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  • Cassettedialog counting from 0% again.
  • Prevent filechooser from looping after session is saved and .. does not show up.
  • Reverted e42edef (not necessary).

@greblus greblus released this Jul 17, 2017 · 9 commits to android since this release

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PCLINK (via SIO2PC-USB) works now @ Pokey divisor 0

  • Simplification of BT module handling.
  • Fixed long-standing bug in FtdiSerialDriver.
  • Performance fixes.

@greblus greblus released this Feb 26, 2017 · 13 commits to android since this release

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  • Forgotten folderimage bug fixed.
  • PCLINK bt_timeout increased. Needed for big files.
  • More Toasts with information about connection status.
  • Optionsdialog, cassettedialog and autobootdialog are rescaling on rotation.
  • Display Toast() when connecting with SIO2BT.
  • Added x86_64 apk.
  • Disabled flow control (fix for FT231X - SIO2PC/10502PC).
  • Google Play Store shouldn't filter-out devices without bluetooth anymore.
  • Sync'd with latest PCLink update (reserved file names).
  • PCLink fix for SIO2BT. Works @57600. Via SIO2PC-USB PCL writes are still max @38400.
  • Rebuilt with Qt5.6.2.
  • Polish translation of native Android dialogs and toasts.
  • BT module name can be specified in the Options dialog.
  • Supported serial interfaces (SIO2PC and SIO2BT) can be changed on the fly.
  • SIO2BT support.

@greblus greblus released this Jul 5, 2016 · 59 commits to android since this release

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  • Rebuilt with Qt5.6.1.
  • Allow to choose dir from all available external media.
  • Always use last directory (saved in session) for each action.
  • Animated cassette tape in cassettedialog.
  • PCLINK (testing version, saving to PCL: device works @38400 or hsindex 16).
  • Filechooser will show also uppercase files ;)
  • Widgets sizes calculated depending on available display size.
  • HS Index 0 works nicely in SOFT mode (tested also in DSR mode).
  • Single finger scrolling in OptionsDialog, AboutDialog and Users Manual.
  • Updated Help -> About and User Manual dialogs.
  • Tango SVG iconset.
  • Layout changes - looks good on my Lenovo Tab2 A7 (@1024x600).
  • Add onPause() - won't die on suspend if fileselector is opened.
  • Get rid of focus rectangle in mainwindow.
  • getSWCommandFrame cleanup.
  • Let's make it officially 1.0.x (where x is the android:versionCode from the Manifest.xml).

@greblus greblus released this Oct 10, 2015 · 135 commits to android since this release

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What's new in this version?

  • Binary files loading works really nicely now in SOFT mode.
  • qDebug.noquote() will hopefully solve the unicode escaping feature introduced in Qt5.5.
  • PL2303 driver removed.

@greblus greblus released this Oct 8, 2015 · 137 commits to android since this release

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What's new:

  • Hardware command frame detection was implemented in Java to reduce JNI overhead.
  • Unfinished network code removed to reduce binary size.

What doesn't work yet?

  • Xex file loading in SOFT command frame detection (will fix some time soon).
  • Loading atr files stalls occasionally in DSR handshaking mode.
    Haven't noticed it in SOFT mode - for me it (SOFT mode) works best with Pokey divisor set to 6 or 5.

@greblus greblus released this Sep 26, 2015 · 141 commits to android since this release

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What's new in this version of AspeQt for Android:

  • AspeQt is automatically started right after SIO2PC-USB cable is connected to your Android device.
  • Usb-serial-for-android library is used allowing to use this software with both: FTDI and PL2303 serial to usb converters. No additional drivers necessary: Usb ids of Lotharek's and Ray's Sio2PC-USB and Sio2USB-1050PC are supported out of the box.
  • Native file and directory selector is used on Android.
  • SOFTware handshaking method. Automatic command frame detection (doesn't matter which pin is connected to SIO) is selected as default on first startup of the application. Other handshaking methods are supported as well, allowing to use high speed OS routines.
  • On screens < 5" the log window is automatically disabled to save some space. Log is still accessible from the Window menu.