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Youtube search proxy for WiiMC.

This project is currently obsolete, as none of the streams offered by YouTube can be played on the Wii since their latest update. I don't currently have enough time and interest to fix this, but pull requests are welcomed if you feel like tackling it.

How to youtube

I am assuming you have WiiMC set up. The search proxy is down, so you must roll your own. I recommend a server, but this can be your PC as well.

First, you need to download the file youtube.go from above to your server. Then, you need to download the compiler for go, the language this program is written in. It's available at

You will then need the server's IP address. By default the program serves on port 8089, but you can change this in the code. Open online_media.xml (on the wii sd card, apps/wiimc) and replace the url for Youtube - Search with


Additionally, you can have the program load recent videos from your subscriptions by replacing the URL in the regular Youtube line by


Run the program on your server by opening a command window (in Windows, go to the downloaded file, hold Shift and right-click near it, and choose 'open command window here') and entering:

go build youtube.go && ./youtube

The process will log on your command line.


Two things can be tuned to your liking (without much coding, obviously). Find the const declaration in the file youtube.go. You can set a different port there for the server to listen on.

Also, you can instruct the proxy to send unicode characters in the file list. The default behaviour replaces them, as the WiiMC font doesn't include glyphs to display them. If you change the font you might want to set this to true.


WiiMC's youtube support is flaky. I had to set the desired quality to Medium to get any results (Settings, Online Media). Even then, you may experience random crashes, especially when switching videos. Nobody told you this was easy. :)


Chromecast on Wii before it was cool



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