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Graph Store Implementation (grip)

The name 'grip' comes from GRaph store ImPlementation. The project aims to provide the ability to get to grips with graph data, stored in an instance of MarkLogic, via a the W3C's Graph Store Protocol and SPARQL 1.1 protocols.

The sibling project to this is grasp:

Instructions for deployment are on their way.

Note: I have had a rather good idea...

I'm going to re-write the under-lying library that interacts with the triples, as stored in MarkLogic, by creating an XQuery language binding to the RDF Interfaces 1.0. That'll have two positive effects. One it will create a 'standard' library for interacting with RDF triples stored in MarkLogic and two, it provide a standard API upon which to build the SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store Protocol implementation.

More to come so: watch this space... (and/or the wiki)