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The Slides Example

To illustrate the points described above, this project includes a complete example.

FIXME: improve these docs

I've tried to arrange things so that the example gets in the way as little as possible. Here's the setup:

  1. Create a new HTTP application server in MarkLogic.
  2. We're going to write some documents to /slides/ in the database attached to that server, so point it at a database you don't care about, perhaps be creating a new one for it.
  3. Make the MLS directory from this project the root of that server and put it on any port you'd like.
  4. Set the URI rewriter for that server to /example/rewriter.xqy

If you load that server up in your browser, you should get a message about having no slides. You can fix that by running /setup-database.xqy.

The only other thing you need to do is copy /Config/rest.xsd into your server's Config directory. Alternatively, load rest.xsd into the Schemas database associated with your database.

If you reload the server now, you'll find a couple of slides examples that contain some more documentation.

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