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Helm chart for Passbolt project
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Passbolt Helm chart for Kubernetes

Helm package for Passbolt project


1. Using repo package

Add this helm repo:

helm repo add passbolt
helm repo update

Install passbolt:

helm install passbolt/passbolt --name=my-passbolt-release

or if you prefer kubectl:

helm fetch --untar passbolt/passbolt
helm template passbolt --name=my-passbolt-release | kubectl apply -f -

2. Using source github code

Clone/download source code:

git clone

Install passbolt:

helm install ./passbolt --name=my-passbolt-release


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Passbolt chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
passbolt.persistence.enabled is persistence enabled for server true
passbolt.persistence.size size of volume for passbolt pod 8Gi
passbolt.ingress.enabled is ingress enabled for server true domain name for ingress resource
mysql.persistence.enabled is persistence enabled for mysql true
mysql.persistence.size size of volume for mysql pod 8Gi

See all available values in values.yaml

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