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fun! EnsureVamIsOnDisk(vam_install_path)
" windows users want to use
" to fetch VAM, VAM-known-repositories and the listed plugins
" without having to install curl, unzip, git tool chain first
" -> BUG [4] (git-less installation)
if !filereadable(a:vam_install_path.'/vim-addon-manager/.git/config')
\&& 1 == confirm("Clone VAM into ".a:vam_install_path."?","&Y\n&N")
" I'm sorry having to add this reminder. Eventually it'll pay off.
call confirm("Remind yourself that most plugins ship with ".
\"documentation (README*, doc/*.txt). It is your ".
\"first source of knowledge. If you can't find ".
\"the info you're looking for in reasonable ".
\"time ask maintainers to improve documentation")
call mkdir(a:vam_install_path, 'p')
execute '!git clone --depth=1 git:// '.shellescape(a:vam_install_path, 1).'/vim-addon-manager'
" VAM runs helptags automatically when you install or update
" plugins
exec 'helptags '.fnameescape(a:vam_install_path.'/vim-addon-manager/doc')
fun! SetupVAM()
" Set advanced options like this:
" let g:vim_addon_manager = {}
" let g:vim_addon_manager['key'] = value
" Example: drop git sources unless git is in PATH. Same plugins can
" be installed from Lookup MergeSources to get more control
" let g:vim_addon_manager['drop_git_sources'] = !executable('git')
" VAM install location:
let vam_install_path = expand('$HOME') . '/.vim/vim-addons'
call EnsureVamIsOnDisk(vam_install_path)
exec 'set runtimepath+='.vam_install_path.'/vim-addon-manager'
" Tell VAM which plugins to fetch & load:
call vam#ActivateAddons(g:auto_addons, {'auto_install' : 0})
" sample: call vam#ActivateAddons(['pluginA','pluginB', ...], {'auto_install' : 0})
" Addons are put into vam_install_path/plugin-name directory
" unless those directories exist. Then they are activated.
" Activating means adding addon dirs to rtp and do some additional
" magic
" How to find addon names?
" - look up source from pool
" - (<c-x><c-p> complete plugin names):
" You can use name rewritings to point to sources:
" ..ActivateAddons(["github:foo", .. => github://foo/vim-addon-foo
" ..ActivateAddons(["github:user/repo", .. => github://user/repo
" Also see section "2.2. names of addons and addon sources" in VAM's documentation
call VAMPostInit()
au VimEnter * call SetupVAM()
" call SetupVAM()
" experimental [E1]: load plugins lazily depending on filetype, See
" experimental [E2]: run after gui has been started (gvim) [3]
" option1: au VimEnter * call SetupVAM()
" option2: au GUIEnter * call SetupVAM()
" See BUGS sections below [*]
" Vim 7.0 users see BUGS section [3]