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EE2 Extension that adds some Global Variables about the current page.
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Current (ExpressionEngine 2 Extension)

Current is small extension for ExpressionEngine 2 that grabs some useful information about the current page and adds them as global variables.


Create a folder inside your third_party directory and name it ‘current’. You can then either clone this repo into that directory, add this repo as a git submodule, or manually place the ext.current.php file in that directory. Activate the extension through the Add-Ons → Extensions menu.


Current creates some global variables you can use to look cool.


The current URL of the page. Ex:


The total number of URL segments. Ex: For, it would be ‘2’.


Returns the last URL segment. Ex: For, it would return ‘windchimes’.


The current URI string. Ex: For, it would return ‘sounds/windchimes’

{tracker_1}, {tracker_2}, {tracker_3}, {tracker_4}, {tracker_5}, {tracker_6}

The uri_strings of the pages in EE’s tracker array. For example, {tracker_1} is the uri_string of the current page, {tracker_2} would give you the previously visited page, {tracker_3} would give you the page before that, etc.

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