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IPA Distribution

An PHP App which lets you share your AdHoc IPA File




This is a web-platform which allow developers to share their AdHoc IPA build with testers. You pass on your App Name, App's Bundle ID, Version Number along with the IPA • file. App will return you with a LINK which you can share with people around the world.


Change the Hostname macro in /include/constant


define("HOST_NAME", "");

//For Local : http://localhost:7070/app/Share


Project Structure

  • css
  • images
  • include
  • manifest
  • temp
  • uploads
  • vendor
  • index.php
  • /css

Application level custom styling i.e. style.css


No Use


Directory with (755 Permission) where app will store manifest.plist file. Files will have random text.


Directory with (755 Permission) where app will store *ipa files. Files Name are in timestamp format.


  • constant.php Application level constant, error messages and HTML Litrals.
  • file_manager.php Hanldes File read-write intraction. Here, we handleing manifest.plist write operation.
  • form_model.php Model for User Input
  • global_context.php Manage Current Session for the application.
  • log_manager.php Handles the Log management. It keeps all the log in history.log file
  • tiny_url_manager.php Its shorten the genrated URL into tiny url.
  • upload_manager.php Handles IPA Build Upload management.
  • utility.php Utils method are defined in this class.
  • validation_manager.php Has Validation related methods.
  • zipper.php Handles Zip and Unzip opearation.
  • /vendor (Third Party Files)



  • /fonts
  • /guzzelhttp
  • /js/bootstrap.min.js
  • /monolog
  • /psr
  • autoload.php


Please post any bugs to the issue tracker found on the project's GitHub page. Please include the following with your issue:

  • a description of what is not working right
  • sample code to help replicate the issue