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from autobahn_sync import AutobahnSync
from autobahn.twisted.websocket import WampWebSocketClientFactory
import logging
import six
from time import sleep
from wallycore import *
# This hack is required to override the WAMP timeout:
_unpatched_setProtocolOptions = WampWebSocketClientFactory.setProtocolOptions
def _patched_setProtocolOptions(*args, **kwargs):
kwargs['autoPingTimeout'] = 30 # Increase timeout
return _unpatched_setProtocolOptions(*args, **kwargs)
WampWebSocketClientFactory.setProtocolOptions = _patched_setProtocolOptions
if six.PY3:
def unicode(s):
return s
class GAConnection(object):
""" A class encapsulating a connection to the GreenAddress service """
MAINNET_URI = u'wss://'
TESTNET_URI = u'wss://'
REGTEST_URI = u'wss://'
USER_AGENT = u'[v2,sw]gaexamples'
def __init__(self, uri=None):
""" Create a connection to the GreenAddress service """
self.wamp = AutobahnSync()
exc = None
for attempt in range(self.TIMEOUT_SECONDS):
try: or self.REGTEST_URI)
except Exception as e:
exc = e
raise exc
def call(self, name, *args):
""" Make an API call to the GreenAddress service """
return'com.greenaddress.' + unicode(name), *args)
def h(b):
""" Convert bytes into a hex string """
return hex_from_bytes(b)
def wallet_from_mnemonic(mnemonic):
""" Generate a BIP32 HD Master Key (wallet) from a mnemonic phrase """
bip39_mnemonic_validate(None, mnemonic)
written, seed = bip39_mnemonic_to_seed512(mnemonic, None)
assert written == BIP39_SEED_LEN_512
return bip32_key_from_seed(seed, BIP32_VER_MAIN_PRIVATE,
def derive_ga_path(wallet):
""" Derive the GreenAddress path from our wallet """
# Note that the method of deriving the path has changed over time.
# You should use this method only for registering new accounts.
# The server returns your path to you when you login and and you
# should use that returned path to derive addresses and sign.
GA_KEY = '477265656e416464726573732e69742048442077616c6c65742070617468'
GA_PATH_ROOT = [0x80000000 | 0x4741]
hdkey = bip32_key_from_parent_path(wallet, GA_PATH_ROOT, flags)
data = bip32_key_get_chain_code(hdkey) + bip32_key_get_pub_key(hdkey)
return hmac_sha512(hex_to_bytes(GA_KEY), data)
def create_p2pkh_address(pubkey, testnet=False):
""" Create a p2pkh address from a pubkey """
version = b'\x6f' if testnet else b'\x00'
pubkey_hash = bytes(hash160(pubkey))
return base58check_from_bytes(version + pubkey_hash)
def _sign_login_challenge(wallet, challenge):
""" Sign the challenge presented to us for logging in """
# Convert the challenge into a bitcoin message hash
message = bytearray(' login ' + challenge, 'ascii')
hash_ = format_bitcoin_message(message, BITCOIN_MESSAGE_FLAG_HASH)
# Sign it using the signing key derived from the wallet
login_key = bip32_key_from_parent_path(wallet, [0x4741b11e], flags)
login_priv_key = bip32_key_get_priv_key(login_key)
sig = ec_sig_from_bytes(login_priv_key, hash_, EC_FLAG_ECDSA)
# Return the signature in DER encoding
return ec_sig_to_der(sig)
def login(wallet, conn, testnet=False):
"""Log in a user"""
# Create a p2pkh address from our master pubkey.
master_pubkey = bip32_key_get_pub_key(wallet)
p2pkh = create_p2pkh_address(master_pubkey, testnet)
# Ask the server for a challenge to sign and sign it
challenge ='login.get_trezor_challenge', p2pkh, True)
sig = _sign_login_challenge(wallet, challenge)
# Authenticate using the signed challenge
# This returns the users login data or false if login fails
return'login.authenticate', h(sig), False, 'GA',
'fake_device_id', GAConnection.USER_AGENT)