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""" Example of registering a new wallet with GreenAddress """
from gacommon.utils import *
import sys
if __name__ == "__main__":
mnemonic = sys.argv[1]
conn = GAConnection(GAConnection.REGTEST_URI)
# Convert our mnemonic into an HD wallet
wallet = wallet_from_mnemonic(mnemonic)
# We give the service our master pubkey and chaincode so that
# it can derive and monitor addresses for us. Note that we
# never expose our mnemonic or our private keys.
master_pubkey = bip32_key_get_pub_key(wallet)
master_chaincode = bip32_key_get_chain_code(wallet)
# We derive a unique path from our wallet so that the service signs
# our transactions with unique keys for our user.
ga_path = derive_ga_path(wallet)
# Finally we register the user
ret ='login.register', h(master_pubkey), h(master_chaincode),
GAConnection.USER_AGENT, h(ga_path))
# The call returns true when it succeeds