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Cron-run awk script that monitors Special:WhatLinksHere for additions and deletions of backlinks on Wikipedia and emails you whenever there is a change
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Backlinks Watchlist

by User:Green Cardamom ( Copyright 2015, 2017 MIT License


Backlink Watchlist monitors changes to the backlinks (aka Special:WhatLinksHere) of a Wikipedia page. It will email whenever new backlinks are added or deleted. It runs from cron, typically once a day.

BW is useful in a number of scenarios:

1. Monitor who is linking to a Talk or AfD or RfC discussion.

2. Monitor pages in your user space to see if anyone links to them.

3. Monitor File: pages to see when they are added/deleted. For example, 
   Fair Use images can be monitored for copyright violations.

4. Monitor Templates to see when they are added/deleted from articles. 

5. Other examples.

If someone is linking to something and you want to know about it, this will silently let you know.


The program is a GNU Awk script. The install instructions and configuation parameters are at the top of the file. It will work on any Unix system that has GNU Awk 4.0+

Optionally create a symlink: ln -s bw.awk bw


Want to use MediaWiki API with Awk? Check out 'MediaWiki Awk API Library'

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