Framework of tools and libraries for building and running bots on Wikipedia
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BotWikiAwk is a framework of tools and libraries for creating and running bots on Wikipedia.

  • Bot management tools compatible with bots written in any language
  • Libraries for bots written in awk
  • Non-SQL. Data files in plain-text
  • Manage batches of articles of any size, 50 for WP:BRFA or 50k+ for production runs
  • Runs using GNU parallel making full use of multi-core CPUs
  • ..or on the Toolforge grid across 40+ distributed computers
  • Dry-run mode, diffs can be checked out before uploading
  • Inline colorized diffs on the command-line
  • Re-run individual pages via a cached copy of the page (download wikisource once, run bot many)
  • Installs in a single directory, easily removed
  • Includes complete example bots and skeleton bots
  • Includes a general awk library developed over years of writing bots
  • Includes a standalone command-line program to interface with the MediaWiki API
  • In development and private use since 2016. Public June 2018

Run a bot in three commands:

makebot ~/BotWikiBot/bots/accdate
project -c -p accdate20181102.00001-00050
runbot accdate20181102.00001-00050 auth