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WaybackMedic bot

Bot info page at Wikipedia:

by User:Green Cardamom ( March 2016 MIT License


Version 2.0 is outdated and has many small bugs that are fixed in 2.1 - it's not recommended for production use. Version 2.1 will be uploaded sometime in the future. If you need it sooner please contact me on Wikipedia.


Nim 0.13.1 GNU Awk 4.1

The core functionality is medic.nim which copiles to a binary executable "medic"

driver.awk "drives" (executes) medic, which in turn is executed by GNU Parallel in batches

project.awk is a tool for creating and managing batches of articles for processing by medic

bug.awk is a tool to view article diffs after processing to see what changes medic proposed

demon-* is the communication layer with AWB - deprecated with WaybackMedic2 in favor of Pywikibot

Install and operate

Install instructions 0INSTALL

Operating instructions 0RUN


Want to use MediaWiki API with Awk? Check out 'MediaWiki Awk API Library'