Minimal client to use Pivotal Tracker from the console.
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Minimal client to use Pivotal Tracker from the console.


gem install pt

The first time you run it, pt will ask you some data about your Pivotal Tracker account and your current project.


Run pt from the root folder of your project.

pt                                     # show all available tasks

pt todo                                # show all unscheduled tasks

pt create    [title] ~[owner] ~[type]  # create a new task

pt show      [id]                      # shows detailed info about a task

pt open      [id]                      # open a task in the browser

pt assign    [id] [member]             # assign owner

pt comment   [id] [comment]            # add a comment

pt estimate  [id] [0-3]                # estimate a task in points scale

pt start     [id]                      # mark a task as started

pt finish    [id]                      # indicate you've finished a task

pt deliver   [id]                      # indicate the task is delivered

pt accept    [id]                      # mark a task as accepted

pt reject    [id] [reason]             # mark a task as rejected, explaining why

pt find      [query]                   # looks in your tasks by title and presents it

pt done      [id] ~[0-3] ~[comment]    # lazy mans finish task, does everything

pt list      [member]                  # list all tasks for another pt user

pt updates   [number]                  # shows number recent activity from your current project


You can open a new issue. It can be helpful to include a trace of the requests and responses you're getting from Pivotal Tracker: you can get it by adding the --debug parameter while invoking pt (remember to remove all sensible data though).


Thanks to...

  • the contributors mentioned above and all the issue reporters
  • the Pivotal Tracker guys for making a planning tool that doesn't suck and has an API
  • Justin Smestad for his nice pivotal-tracker gem
  • Bryan Liles for letting me take over the gem name


See the LICENSE file included in the distribution.


Copyright (C) 2011 Raul Murciano