Creating Mods

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Game Dev Tycoon is written using HTML/JavaScript and CSS. Mods use the same technology.

Before getting to the fun part and starting your modding adventures you have to read and agree to the Modding Agreement which is located under ./mods and available on our website. If you don't agree with the Modding Agreement you do not have a legal right to mod the game.

Creating your own mod

A mod package requires at least two files. A package.json file describing the package and a corresponding main JavaScript file.

Example (package.json):

	"id" : "myMod",
	"name" : "My Mod",
	"version" : "0.1.0",
	"author" : "John Doe <>",
	"description" : "Example Mod",
	"url" : "",
	"main" : "./myScript.js",
	"dependencies" : {


  • id, name, version, author, description and main are all required fields.
  • you can also specify a url to your mod's website
  • dependencies to other mods can be defined in the dependencies object, this is modelled after the package.json guide but there is no auto-install. We use this info to figure out which mods should be loaded first. By default you probably want to include the dependency to the gdt-modAPI 0.1.x.

Then, you can simply deploy the package.json and your JavaScript file (in above example the myScript.js file ) into a sub-directory under ./mods

Next time you start Game Dev Tycoon you can enable your Mod in the main menu of the game. After that a restart of the game is neccessary. (Mods shown in red are mods with broken dependencies)

The enabled mods will be loaded automatically with the game and you can use all Modding API's.

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