Text-based version of the classic lemonade stand game.
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Lemonade Stand


This is a text-based ruby version of the class Lemonade Stand game.

Game play basics

You are the proprietor of a small lemonade stand. You have 30 days to try to make a profit. Your final score is your net profit at the end of the 30 days.

Game play I need to create


  • Display player score when game ends
  • Display complete instructions at the beginning of the game

Basic Player Actions

  • Make lemonade - makes one pitcher with set recipe
  • Buy lemons - returns one lemon
  • Buy sugar - returns one cup of sugar
  • Buy ice - returns one bag of ice
  • Buy cups - returns 20 cups
  • Track player cash
  • Track player profit

More Complex Player Actions

  • Buy x lemons (cups of sugar/bags of ice/cups)

Basic Day Operations

  • Sell a random number of cups of lemonade
  • Deplete supplies of lemonade & cups for amount sold
  • Record income!

More Complex Day Operations

  • Deplete all ice (melted)
  • Deplete random number of spoiled lemons
  • Have an event affect the number of customers
  • Have time pass as the day passes

Basic World Operations

  • Keep track of what day it is, so game can end after 30 days. (currently ends after 5 days)

More complicated features to be broken down:

  • Change lemonade recipe (player?)
  • Have a popularity score that changes based on customer enjoyment [customer base]
  • Have customer enjoyment affected by lemonade recipe
  • Include random weather and random other events to affect number of customers (world? day?)
  • Ability to change price per cup, which should affect # of customers, or customer enjoyment (although, does paying more actually make the customers like it more?)

RSpec Testing