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Shard-Query: Easy to use massively parallel processing OLAP scale-out (grid computing) for MySQL

Shard-Query is a high performance MySQL query engine for which offers increased parallelism compared to stand-alone MySQL. This increased parallelism is achieved by taking advantage of MySQL partitioning, MySQL sharding, common MySQL query clauses like BETWEEN and IN, or some combination of the above.

The primary goal of Shard-Query is to enable low-latency query access to extremely large volumes of data utilizing commodity hardware and open source database software. Shard-Query is a federated query engine which is designed to perform as much work in parallel as possible over a sharded MySQL dataset, that is one that is split over multiple servers (shards) or partitioned tables.

What kind of interfaces does Shard-Query have

  • A RESTful UI which allows you to submit queries and examine results as well as configure Shard-Query
  • A MySQL proxy script
  • A PHP Object Oriented interface

What kind of queries are supported?

  • You can run just about all SQL queries over your dataset:
  • For SELECT queries:
    • All aggregate functions are supported.
      • SUM,COUNT,MIN,MAX,AVG,STD,VAR are the fastest aggregate operations
      • SUM/COUNT/AVG(DISTINCT ..) are supported, but are slower
      • Custom aggregate functions are also supported.
        • PERCENTILE(expr, N) - take a percentile, for example percentile(score,90)
    • JOINs are supported (unshareded tables are duplicated on all nodes to support JOINS)
    • ORDER BY, GROUP BY, HAVING, WITH ROLLUP, and LIMIT are supported
  • Also supports INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE
  • Also supports DDL such as CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE and DROP TABLE

Key Features

  • MPP - distributed query engine runs fragments of queries in parallel, combining the results at the end.
  • Supports almost all MySQL features
  • Virtual Schema - All shards are treated as one virtual database.
  • Automatic Sharding
  • Massively parallel loader
  • Shard Elimination - When possible, Shard-Query sends queries only to the shards containing the requested data.
  • Shared Nothing Architecture - Aggregation, joins and filtering are always performed at the shard level which fully distributes the work
  • Works similar to a map/reduce except that it understands complex SQL.
  • Supports asynchronous queries for long running jobs

Massively Parallel Query

The following SQL features enable parallel query execution:

  • Data level paralellism

    • partitioning
    • sharding
  • Operator level

    • UNION
    • IN clauses
    • BETWEEN (with integer or date operands)
    • subqueries in the FROM clause
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