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= Currency
This is the git@cdscm Currency package.
== Installation
gem install currency
== Documentation
"Project Info":
"API Documentation":
The RubyForge package currency
implements an object-oriented representation of currencies, monetary values, foreign exchanges and rates.
Currency::Money uses a scaled integer representation of the monetary value and performs accurate conversions from string values.
See also:
== Home page
* {Currency Home}[git@cdscm:currency.git]
== Additional directories
[./lib/...] the Currency library
[./test/...] unit and functional test
[./examples/...] example programs
== Credits
Currency was developed by:
* Kurt Stephens -- ruby-currency(at), sponsored by
== License
* See LICENSE.txt
== Copyright
* Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Kurt Stephens <ruby-currency(at)>
== Contributors
* Steffen Rusitschka