GPDB Backup Utility
kyeap-pivotal and chrishajas Add gppkg installer (#166)
Introduces gppkg installer that will allow installing gpbackup,
gprestore, and gpbackup_helper on existing GPDB clusters.

Co-authored-by: Kevin Yeap <>
Co-authored-by: Chris Hajas <>
Latest commit 52560bf Oct 19, 2018

Greenplum Backup

gpbackup and gprestore are Go utilities for performing backups and restores of a Greenplum Database. They are still currently in active development.


gpbackup requires Go version 1.8 or higher. Follow the directions here to get the language set up.


go get

This will place the code in $GOPATH/

Building and installing binaries

cd into the gpbackup directory and run

make depend
make build

This will put the gpbackup and gprestore binaries in $HOME/go/bin

make build_linux and make build_mac are for cross compiling between macOS and Linux

make install_helper will scp the gpbackup_helper binary (used with -single-data-file flag) to all hosts

Running the utilities

The basic command for gpbackup is

gpbackup --dbname <your_db_name>

The basic command for gprestore is

gprestore --timestamp <YYYYMMDDHHMMSS>

Run --help with either command for a complete list of options.

Validation and code quality

To run all tests except end-to-end (unit, integration, and linters), use

make test

To run only unit tests, use

make unit

To run only integration tests (which require a running GPDB instance), use

make integration

To run end to end tests, use

make end_to_end

We provide the following targets to help developers ensure their code fits Go standard formatting guidelines.

To run a linting tool that checks for basic coding errors, use

make lint

This target runs gometalinter.

Note: The lint target will fail if code is not formatted properly.

To automatically format your code and add/remove imports, use

make format

This target runs goimports and gofmt. We will only accept code that has been formatted using this target or an equaivalent gofmt call.

Cleaning up

To remove the compiled binaries and other generated files, run

make clean

More Information

The GitHub wiki for this project has several articles providing a more in-depth explanation of certain aspects of gpbackup and gprestore.

How to Contribute

We accept contributions via Github Pull requests only.

Follow the steps below to contribute to gpbackup:

  1. Fork the project’s repository.
  2. Run go get and add your fork as a remote.
  3. Run make depend to install required dependencies
  4. Create your own feature branch (e.g. git checkout -b gpbackup_branch) and make changes on this branch.
    • Follow the previous sections on this page to setup and build in your environment.
    • Add new tests to cover your code. We use Ginkgo and Gomega for testing.
  5. Run make format, make test, and make end_to_end in your feature branch and ensure they are successful.
  6. Push your local branch to the fork (e.g. git push <your_fork> gpbackup_branch) and submit a pull request.

Your contribution will be analyzed for product fit and engineering quality prior to merging. Note: All contributions must be sent using GitHub Pull Requests.

Your pull request is much more likely to be accepted if it is small and focused with a clear message that conveys the intent of your change.

Overall we follow GPDB's comprehensive contribution policy. Please refer to it here for details.