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This package provides very basic support for TopGit.

TopGit is a patch queue manager that aims to make handling of large amounts of interdependent topic branches easier. For information about TopGit see

When magit-topgit-mode is turned on then the list of TopGit topics is displayed in the status buffer. While point is on such a topic it can checked out using RET and discarded using k. Other TopGit commands are available from the TopGit popup on T.

TopGit popup on T shadows default magit-notes-popup on T. To rebind magit-notes-popup on O:

(with-eval-after-load 'magit
  (define-key magit-mode-map "O" `magit-notes-popup)
  (magit-change-popup-key 'magit-dispatch-popup :action ?T ?O))

To enable the mode in a particular repository use:

cd /path/to/repository
git config --add magit.extension topgit

To enable the mode for all repositories use:

git config --global --add magit.extension topgit

To enable the mode globally without dropping to a shell:

(add-hook `magit-mode-hook 'magit-topgit-mode)