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Interplanetary Flirtation Device

Chloe Langford

The Interplanetary Flirtation Device is a two-way telecommunication system designed for communicating with extraterrestrial beings. It has been presented in 2018 at Sister Gallery (Adelaide, Australia) and <Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer”> (Berlin, Germany).

gestures to touch a phone

In order to contact alien life-forms, human users are required to send messages according to an experimental haptic stimulation protocol. Users can access the first implementation of this protocol using a smartphone and a modern webbrowser. The input device for human users is the underside of a snail's foot. Using a combination of simple or multi-touch gestures, the Gastropod foot can be manually stimulated in order to communicate.The input is translated into detailed messages consumable by extraterrestrial users and transmitted via the Interplanetary Flirtation Device. Responses received from alien life-forms are translated into English and printed onto paper for human users to read.

hand using phone touchscreen with animation of snail

animated wiggling snail

responses printed from aliens

printer in deep sleep

shells lying on a mirror on the floor

installation shot of printer on floor covered in  black plastic

Images by Aly Bennett and Chloe Langford.

During the making of this device I have been thinking about:

  • alternate models for sexual and emotional relationships
  • visceral bodies entering into and being transformed by virtual spaces
  • miscommunicating with strangers
  • poetic devices and interfaces designed for fictional scenarios