Green River

Green River builds sustainability analytics software to manage critical business and social processes.

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The Boston Coordinated Access System (CAS) project by the City of Boston's Department of Neighborhood Development matches homeless individuals to housing vacancies based on need.

Updated Aug 31, 2016


forked from comfy/comfortable-mexican-sofa

ComfortableMexicanSofa is a powerful CMS Engine for Ruby on Rails applications

Updated Jul 29, 2015

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forked from spohlenz/tinymce-rails

Integration of TinyMCE with the Rails asset pipeline

Updated Jun 15, 2015


forked from Shopify/active_utils

Active Utils extracts commonly used modules and classes used by Active Merchant, Active Shipping, and Active Fulfillment

Updated Apr 27, 2015


forked from judaro13/jruby_mahout

JRuby Mahout is a gem that unleashes the power of Apache Mahout in the world of JRuby.

Updated Mar 3, 2015


Today I Learned

Updated Feb 20, 2015


forked from seamusabshere/remote_table

Open Google Docs spreadsheets, local or remote XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV (comma separated), TSV (tab separated), other delimited, fixed-width files, and shapefiles. Returns an Array of Arrays or Hashes, depending on whether there are headers.

Updated Nov 13, 2014


forked from rails/rails

Ruby on Rails

Updated Oct 23, 2014


forked from rails-sqlserver/activerecord-sqlserver-adapter

SQL Server Adapter For Rails

Updated Jun 24, 2014


forked from hritchie/ruby-docx-templater

A Ruby library to template Microsoft Word .docx files. Generates new Word .docx files based on a template file. Does templating entirely in memory.

Updated May 12, 2014

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Import/Export specific ActiveRecord records as JSON, preserving relations

Updated Apr 21, 2014

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forked from willrax/beach

Small Sinatra app to host web hooks for slack.com

Updated Mar 3, 2014


forked from hexorx/currencies

Simple gem for working with currencies. It is extracted from the countries gem and contains all the currency information in the ISO 4217 standard.

Updated Feb 26, 2014


forked from zdavatz/spreadsheet

The Ruby Spreadsheet by ywesee GmbH -- forked by @greenriver to add support for data validations

Updated Sep 11, 2013


forked from seejohnrun/ice_cube

Ruby Date Recurrence Library - Allows easy creation of recurrence rules and fast querying. See https://github.com/greenriver/ice_cube/tree/issues/50-from_ical for the purpose of this fork.

Updated Sep 5, 2013


forked from puma/puma

A ruby web server built for concurrency

Updated Aug 21, 2013


forked from kiyoka/fuzzy-string-match

fuzzy string matching library for ruby

Updated Aug 15, 2013


forked from collectiveidea/delayed_job

Database based asynchronous priority queue system -- Extracted from Shopify

Updated Jul 30, 2013


Redirect greenriver.github.com => Greenriver.com

Updated Jul 23, 2013


forked from activeadmin/activeadmin

The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.

Updated Jul 22, 2013