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Makers of an Open Source Ad Server, Ad Network, and Android, iOS, and Facebook apps.

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  1. Intelligently rotate AdSense/AdMob, LifeStreetMedia, and other networks & make more money. GreenRobot Ad Server is an API enabled yield optimization system for publishers of websites and mobile app…

    JavaScript 110 35

  2. Liberty Ad Network - Free and Open Source Self-Service Ad Network written in PHP Laravel

    JavaScript 12 11

  3. Rotate AdMob & MoPub ads in your Android app. Works with GreenRobot adserver:

    Java 1 1

  4. Rotate AdMob & MoPub ads in your iOS app. Works with GreenRobot adserver:

    Objective-C 1 1

  5. Pirate game on Facebook

    PHP 7 1

  6. Forked from jasonmarkperez/TempiBeatDetection

    Swift library that performs real-time or static beat detection on audio.

    Swift 2 2


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