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Greenshot RELEASE

Read blog entry for this here

The changes in this version are:

Ticket Description
BUG-2235 Imgur authentication issues due to imgur api change
BUG-2227 NullReferenceException when accessing the Imgur History
BUG-2225 NullReferenceException when changing the color of text
BUG-2219 Korean is spelled incorrectly in the installer
BUG-2213 NullReferenceException in the Freehand tool
BUG-2203 ArgumentNullException in the Freehand tool
BUG-2141 Imgur authentication issues due to old embedded IE
BUG-2172 NullReferenceException when using the speech bubble
BUG-2246 Login issues with the Atlassian Jira Cloud
FEATURE-1064 Added CTRL+Backspace & CTRL+A to the text tool
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