Generic lock-free Skiplist container pure C implementation, STL-style set, map
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A generic Skiplist container C implementation, lock-free for both multiple readers and writers. It can be used as a set or a map, containing any type of data.

It basically uses STL atomic variables with C++ compiler, but they can be switched to built-in GCC atomic operations when we compile it with pure C compiler.

This repository also includes STL-style lock-free set and map containers, based on Skiplist implementation.


Jung-Sang Ahn


$ make

How to use

Copy file and include files to your source repository.

Or, use library file ( or libskiplist.a).

  • Pure C


  • C++ (STL-style set and map)



Benchmark results

  • Skiplist vs. STL set + STL mutex
  • Single writer and multiple readers
  • Randomly insert and read 100K integers

alt text