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GreenSock 2.1.2
- REVERTED: In 2.1.0, we changed the default immediateRender for **paused** TimelineLite/Max from(), fromTo(), staggerFrom(), staggerFromTo() calls to be false because a few people considered it a "bug" to have a paused timeline render anything (including starting values). However, since releasing 2.1.0, it has come to our attention that the change made a bigger impact on our user base than anticipated and it was a pain point. It altered behavior, so we decided it's better to revert to the old default, and to introduce a change like this in a future major version update. Our apologies for any confusion the 2.1.0 change caused anyone. 2.1.2 restores the old immediateRender defaults. And to be clear, this only ever affected timelines that were paused at the time the from()/fromTo()/staggerFrom()/staggerFromTo() calls were made.

- FIXED: A Safari update introduced a bug that could cause CSSRulePlugin not to function properly on pseudo elements. That's resolved.

- FIXED: A regression in 2.1.0 caused Draggable's dragClickables:true not to work properly.

- FIXED: in the ES5 TimelineMax file, if "each" was defined in an advanced grid stagger, the spacing may not have been calculated correctly in certain situations.
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easing 2.1.0 Feb 17, 2019
plugins 2.1.2 Mar 2, 2019
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TimelineLite.min.js 2.1.2 Mar 2, 2019
TweenMax.min.js 2.1.2 Mar 2, 2019
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