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Dasein Cloud AWS is an implementation of the Dasein Cloud Core API for Amazon Web Services and other cloud computing environments compatible with the AWS APIs. Your applications should be written against the core Dasein Cloud API with no specific references to this project except the Maven runtime dependency.

Project Information

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  • master: 2013.07-SNAPSHOT
  • develop: 2013.11-SNAPSHOT
  • 2012.09: 2012.09.9-SNAPSHOT
  • 2013.01: 2013.01.2-SNAPSHOT
  • 2013.02: 2013.02.14-SNAPSHOT
  • 2013.04: 2013.04.6-SNAPSHOT
  • 2013.07: 2013.07.1-SNAPSHOT

Validated Clouds and Platforms

Dasein Cloud AWS should may or may not work against any AWS-compatible platform. AWS API-compatibility is not as straightforward as you might think, and the API has no service discovery or version negotiation capabilities. However, modifying Dasein Cloud AWS to support the right service and version combination for a specific target is fairly trivial. See the Configuration wiki for full details on configuration Dasein Cloud AWS for the right endpoint.

Public Clouds

Private Cloud Platforms