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Make PublicIPPool a core concept #155

timf opened this Issue Apr 8, 2014 · 3 comments

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timf commented Apr 8, 2014

Currently to accomplish this:

PublicIPPool support = getIpPoolSuppport(network.getRegion());

We need to do this:


Which requires an explicit opsource dependency. Can this be solved in the next core?


I'll look to remove the OpSource dep in this next release.


Tim, I've been working on shifting this support into core so that you can remove the dependency.
In doing so however, I've noticed that we've increased our support of IP Pools elsewhere in core.
Rather than just shove the support that currently exists into core I'd prefer to take a better look at what's actually required and create proper core support for IP Blocks and Pools (which will also require re-factoring of what's currently in OpSource).
To that end, given that it was an API only, OpSource only hack to bring in that support, can you not just kill off PublicIpPool support for now and re-implement it when core supports the concept properly?


I'm going to close this particular issue. IP Pools won't be implemented in the same way as they were done for OpSource.
I'll open a new issue to track the addition of IP Pools as a proper Dasein resource.

@drewlyall drewlyall closed this Jun 17, 2014
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