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doku2trac is an extensible shell script for converting your DokuWiki pages into Trac's wiki format.

Converting Pages

Fetch the source code via git, and you can convert your pages using a few different techniques:


Pipes are the Unix mantra. Who doesn't love building a ridiculous pipeline of commands to get things done with a series of simple tools. doku2trac can read a DokuWiki page from standard-in and write the Trac page to standard-out

cat /path/to/dokuwiki/data/pages/start.txt | doku2trac

Or even import it directly into Trac using trac-admin

cat /path/to/start.txt | doku2trac | trac-admin /path/to/project wiki import <page-name>

Note that some versions of Trac cannot import from standard-in. This is also a pretty convoluded command line.

Multiple Pages

doku2trac can convert multiple pages at once

doku2trac -d /path/to/dokuwiki start [page2 [...]]

Will write the converted files to standard-out. If you'd like to have the various converted outputs saved in individual files, you can specify the output folder with the -f option

doku2trac -d /path/to/dokuwiki start [page2 [...]] -f output

Will write the Trac wiki output to individual pages in the output/ folder of the current path. You can use trac-admin to import all of the converted pages at once

trac-admin <project> wiki load <output>

will load all the files in the output/ folder into Trac's wiki.

Using Trac-Admin

Some versions of trac-admin don't support importing wiki pages from stdin, and converting each page in this manner might be a bit laborious, so you can let doku2trac do a little more work.

doku2trac -t /path/to/Trac/project -d /path/to/dokuwiki start

Will convert the start page of DokuWiki and use trac-admin to import it into Trac. The page name will be kept the same and converted to Trac's CamelCase convention.

Direct Database Import

Unfortunately, trac-admin cannot import wiki page metadata, like author, modified time, version number, edit comments, etc. So you can directly import the wiki pages into the database, with the page metadata as well. This method is the most risky, so make sure you have a backup of your data, if any.

Generate SQL statements for use as a script in your favorite database client

doku2trac -d /path/to/dokuwiki --sql --meta-data start > Trac-wiki.sql

Then you can execute Trac-wiki.sql in your favorite client for your Trac database.

Note: Please be extremely careful when directly modifying Trac's database. You can easily and unexpectedly trash valuable data in your Trac project(s)

If you'd like to automatically create delete statement to remove any existing content for the pages before inserting, you can use the --sql-delete switch, which will emit a delete statement prior to the insert statement.

I'm a big fan of one-liners. If you're feeling really froggy, you can pipe the output directly to a database administration tool

doku2trac -d /path/to/dokuwiki --sql --meta-data start \
    | mysql -u <user> -p -H <host> <db>

You'll be prompted for your database password, and then your wiki file(s) will be inserted into your Trac database. Currently this is only tested on Trac version 0.11, but appears to conform to the database schema of version 0.12.



-A, --all

Instructs doku2trac to convert all versions of each page. This is mostly useful when using the --sql or --trac-admin switches, since those are currently the only methods useful for importing all the versions of a wiki page into Trac. If --sql is used, SQL insert statements are emitted for each version of the page. If --trac-admin is specified, then trac-admin is used to import each of the wiki pages from oldest to newest

DokuWiki Path

-d, --doku-path <path>

This will specify where your DokuWiki install base is rooted. You will need to give just the root folder of the installation. The script will assume that pages are stored in data/pages relative to this path.


--exclude <pattern>

Allows you to exclude certain pages from conversion. For instance, you might not want to import the DokuWiki playground or syntax pages

--exclude=playground --exclude=syntax

You can use glob patterns as well



-l, --log <file>

Send the verbose conversion messages to a log file as well as to standard-error.


-m, --meta-data

Dump page metadata with the page as well. This will work with any output method but makes the most sense with the --sql switch. Metadata supported currently includes

  • Doku page name
  • Last modified time
  • Author
  • Source IP address of author
  • Edit comments
  • Trac page name (*)
  • Trac version number (*)

(*) These items are always generated with the --sql switch, because the comprise the primary key for the database.

Page Name Conversion

--page-names <type>

Where <type> is one of

  • CamelCase

    This is the default. Pages are converted to Trac's CamelCasePageName. A Doku page named path:to:page_name will be translated to PathToPageName

  • CamelPath

    This is a hybrid scheme similar to CamelCase, except DokuWiki's namespace is preserved. So the : part of the page names is converted to a /. So the page named path:to:page_name will be translated to Path/To/PageName

This conversion affects both page names and links to other wiki pages.

Page Name Prefix

--page-name-prefix <name>

This is a prefix to prepend to the name of every DokuWiki page converted. So if you use


Then every converted DokuWiki page will have a name prefix of Doku, so for instance, the DokuWiki start page will become DokuStart


-r, --recursive

Recursion will cause doku2trac to recurse in the directories (namespaces) and convert all the containing pages and namespaces.

doku2trac -d /path/to/dokuwiki -r namespace

Or convert your entire wiki

doku2trac -d /path/to/dokuwiki -r

Trac Admin

-t, --trac-admin <project>

Using trac-admin is the safest method for importing wiki pages automatically. To use it, you must specify the location of the Trac project to administer. Use this option to specify the location of the Trac project.


doku2trac was created so that Trac plugins or difficult conversion operations could be implemented as independent modules without clutering up the main source code.

Table of Contents

DokuWiki provides an automatic table of contents. Trac can supply one via the TocMacro plugin. If you would like to have a table of contents generated for each of your imported pages, use the toc extension


Note: You will need to install the TocMacro plugin for this to actually work in Trac.


Images links are automatically converted; however, trac-admin does not provide a mechanism for importing wiki images. Therefore, for now, a warning is emitted indicating that you need to import the image into Trac manually.