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2bdbafe @greezybacon 1.7 Developer Pre-Release
1 <?php if(!defined('SETUPINC')) die('Kwaheri!');
2 $url=URL;
4 ?>
5 <div id="main">
6 <h1 style="color:green;">Upgrade Completed!</h1>
7 <div id="intro">
8 <p>Congratulations osTicket upgrade has been completed successfully. Please refer to Release Notes for more information about changes and/or new features.</p>
9 <h3 style="color:#FF7700;">Post-upgrade manual cleanup</h3>
10 Please take a minute to cleanup!
11 <ul>
12 <li><b>Delete setup directory</b>:<br> After verifying that the upgrade completed correctly please delete setup folder.</li>
13 <li><b>Enable the helpdesk</b>:<br> You can now enable osTicket, be sure to take some time to explore changes and new features</li>
14 </ul>
15 </div>
16 <p>Once again, thank you for choosing osTicket. Your feedback is welcomed!</p>
17 <p>We take user feedback seriously and are dedicated to making changes based on your input. Feel free to let us know of any other improvements you would like to see in osTicket, so that we may add them in the future as we continue to develop better and better versions of osTicket.</p>
18 <p>Good luck.<p>
19 <p>osTicket Team.</p>
20 <br>
21 <p><b>PS</b>: Don't just make customers happy, make happy customers!</p>
22 </div>
23 <div id="sidebar">
24 <h3>What's Next?</h3>
25 <p><b>Post-upgrade</b>: You can now log in to <a href="../scp/admin.php" target="_blank">Admin Panel</a> and explore the new features. For complete and upto date release notes see <a href="" target="_blank">osTicket wiki</a></p>
27 <p><b>Stay up to date</b>: It's important to keep your osTicket installation up to date. Get announcements, security updates and alerts delivered directly to you!
28 <a target="_blank" href="">Subcribe today</a> and be in the loop!</p>
29 <p><b>Commercial support available</b>: Get guidance and hands-on expertise to address unique challenges and make sure your osTicket runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely. <a target="_blank" href="">Learn More!</a></p>
30 </div>
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