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Endnotes for InDesign

InDesign endnotes with the help of scripting and cross references.

How to install

Copy all .jsx files and the whole lib directory into your InDesign Script Panel folder. Further details can be found here [DE] Skripte in InDesign installieren or here [EN] How to Install a Typical InDesign Script.

How does it work?

This script converts InDesign footnotes into linked endnotes using InDesign cross references. So you need footnotes first. Endnotes are only possible within stories (single or linked textframes), you'll find your endnotes at the end of the story. The script should run from InDesign CS4 onwards but was only tested with CS6 and CC 2015.

Create or update Endnotes

Start createEndnotes.jsx

I hope the user interface is quite self explaining.

GUI of createEndnotes.jsx

Basically there are two modes:

  1. Split by paragraph style (Restart Numbering after a Heading)
  2. Continuous numbering

Jump between note and marker

Place your cursor in a marker or endnote and start jumpBetweenMarkerAndNote.jsx. If you want to go back, simply run the script again.

Delete Endnotes

Start deleteEndnotes.jsx. This script will delete a single endnote including there cross reference. Do not delete endnotes paragraphs or markers manually, this will break the update process of the current document.


Start createBacklinks .jsx to create backlinks from the endnote to the endnote-marker. You should run this script only after your're definitely finished with the document! CAUTION This script will convert the automatic numbering to manual numbering and will link the number to the endnote-marker. AFTER THIS OPERATION NO FURTHER UPDATE IS POSSIBLE. This is due to the problem, that we cannot set a link to the automatic numbers and the endnotes often have hyperlinks within the endnote text itself.

Clean Document

Yo can delete all Hyperlinks created by the script with deleteEndnoteHyperlinksAndBacklinks.jsx. After this operation there is noch active link between endnote and text and no updates possible.

Default configuration

All default configuration parameters can be changed in config.jsx. Configurations settings for style names are save to change. Same for User interface strings. Be careful with the other options, changing them might break the update process of previously converted documents.

Logging and errors

In the Script Panel folder you'll find an endnoteLog.txt log file. Please send this bug report together with a minimal example of your InDesign document if you encounter any problem.

Only german?

The code is ready for localization but I had no time to complete the english translation. Any help is greatly appreciated! You find all UI strings in config.jsx within the px.ui object. If you want to help and need further instrcutions please contact me.


I picked the idea of using InDesign cross references for endnotes from Peter Kahrel. Peters solution is still a good source of inspiration and can be found here

The development of these scripts was made possible by le-tex and the publisher C.H.Beck Beltz and Campus


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