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Twitter bot for posting screenshots.


This repository contains the source code for the Twitter bot @FPAdventuresBot. The bot posts a random screenshot from first-person adventure games, once every 6 hours.

In addition to the code for the bot, there is a tools/ subfolder. Within tools/ are any custom tools I've written to extract data from specific games.

Usage is the master script. It reads in for API info to connect to Twitter, and selects a screenshot at random from the data/ subfolder. It will make a single post, if enough time has passed since the last status update.

Of course you shouldn't run it manually. Edit your crontab file and add a line like the following:

0 4,10,16,22 * * * cd /home/userid/FPAdventuresBot && ./ >/dev/null 2>&1

This line will kick the bot off at 4 AM, 10 AM, 4 PM and 10 PM each day.