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A simple Leaflet control to open a Bootstrap modal.

Modals are great for help panels, or for feedback forms, or for displaying a legend that doesn't need to take up screen space all the time. And if you want a Leaflet-styled button on your map, which would trigger this modal... here's the plugin for you.


For a quick start, see the example folder, or the live demo:

Assuming that you already have a Bootstrap modal set up on your page, and already have a Leaflet map running, the control runs like this:

new L.Control.BootstrapModal({
    modalId: 'modal_help',
    tooltip: "How to use this thing",
    glyph: 'question-sign'

Parameters are:

  • modalId -- The DOM ID of the modal, e.g. what you put inside the id="" part. Required

  • tooltip -- A tooltip to be displayed when the user hovers their mouse over the button. Optional

  • glyph -- Which of the Bootstrap Glyphicons to display in the button. See for the full list. Optional and defaults to a "i" icon.