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Node Todo API

A Todo list API using NodeJS based on the tutorial for The Complete Node.js Developer Course on Udemy.

Table of contents

Getting started

System requirements


  1. Clone or download the repository
  2. cp server/config/config.json.example server/config/config.json and create your own keys for the following: JWT_SECRET
  3. Make sure Mongo DB is installed. Installation tutorial
  4. In a separate terminal window, make sure Mongo DB process is running using ~/mongo/bin/mongod --dbpath ~/mongo-data (or wherever you have it installed)
  5. To view in browser at http://localhost:3000, in a separate terminal window, enter npm run dev

Running tests

npm run test-watch

Additional resources

The Project


I propose to complete this assignment as part of my quest to learn more about Node.js.

Target audiences

  • Hiring managers who want to see what I can do
  • Developers who want to see some Node.js sample code


  • To gain knowledge of NodeJS and ExpressJS
  • To develop a solid RESTful API backed by tests


  • A computer with an internet connection
  • I willingness to be challenged in order to learn and grow

Design considerations

  • I followed the styles and best practices laid out in the course
  • As I learn more about Node.js and JavaScript in general, I return to this project for refactoring



I'm not accepting contributions at this time but you can email me if you have any suggestions.

Style guides