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A simple wrapper for interactions with AWS Cloud Search PHP
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awsCloudSearch PHP API Wrapper

This library is written to make calls against the AWS Cloud Search API.


PHP 5+

Getting Started

Follow the instructions in example.php for a detailed example of search method. There are also instructions on Amazon's website (

It's easy to make a call to AWS Cloud Search. Just include awsCloudSearch.php in your script and use the following examples below.

$myAWS = new awsCloudSearch(domain, domain_id);
$res = $myAWS->search(TERM, PARAM);

If you want to add a document, make sure the PARAM is in an array and formatted to the Search Data Format (SDF) (

$myAWS = new awsCloudSearch(domain, domain_id);
$res = $myAWS->document(TYPE, TERM, PARAM);

Remember TYPE is either add or delete.

To Do

Error Handling

Getting Help

If you need help or have questions, please contact Greg Avola on Twitter at

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