Helper functions that extend the django piston response utilities.
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django-piston-extended-utils is a set of helper functions that extend the django piston response utilities.

  • rc_factory (rc) - just like the original with a few more options
  • error_type_factory (ec) - error types with related response code (all rc.BAD_REQUEST for now)
  • success_resp - generate json response with optional data and message (status_code = 200)
  • error_resp - generate json response with optional error type and message. can specify response type or status_code.
  • reformat_form_validation_errors - flatten django form error values to allow them to be emitted properly
  • apply_json_emitter - apply emitter right away in the same way as would normally happen on return from piston handler (to json only for now)
  • clean_bool_input - converts an input string into a boolean (only 'true' or 'True' == True)

Supported Response Codes

A few more than the original.

ALL_OK = ('OK', 200)
CREATED = ('Created', 201)
DELETED = ('', 204)
NOT_MODIFIED = ('Not Modified', 304)
BAD_REQUEST = ('Bad Request', 400)
UNAUTHORIZED = ('Unauthorized', 401)
FORBIDDEN = ('Forbidden', 403)
NOT_FOUND = ('Not Found', 404)
REQUEST_TIMEOUT = ('Request Timeout', 408),
DUPLICATE_ENTRY = ('Conflict/Duplicate', 409)
NOT_HERE = ('Gone', 410)
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR = ('Internal Server Error', 500)
NOT_IMPLEMENTED = ('Not Implemented', 501)
THROTTLED = ('Throttled', 503)

Supported error types

These error types help explain why a request was bad. Modeled after that Facebook API error response format.






class BasicApiTokenHandler(BaseHandler):
    Request an API token. \n
    Required Authentication: HTML Basic Auth
    allowed_methods = ('GET',)
    model = ApiToken
    fields = ('token', 'created')
    def read(self, request):
        Returns a valid api token for the authenticated user.
        Creates a new token if necessary.
        Headers: \n
        - Requires user's username and password via HTTB Basic Authentication header
        Response codes / error messages: \n
        - 200 (OK) --- Returned test data.
        - 401 (Unauthorized) --- HTML Basic Auth is invalid.
        - 500 (Internal Server Error): User is invalid.
        Return data: \n
        - API Token (token, created)
        if request.user:
            if not request.user.is_active:
                return error_resp("This account is inactive.", error_type=et.DIRECT_AUTH_EXCEPTION)
            apiToken = get_api_token(request.user)
            return success_resp(apiToken)
            return error_resp('User is invalid.', resp=rc.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR)

    def resource_uri(self):
        return ('basic_api_token', [])